Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Every bride wants the perfect wedding. A big part of the wedding day is the venue. With the right wedding venue, the wedding is more likely to go smoothly. Taking a few factors into consideration before making your decision will help you select just the right venue.

The Budget

Obviously, the first thing the bride and groom need to determine before choosing a wedding venue is the budget available for the rental of the venue. Knowing the budget ahead of time will help narrow down the options and save time, as the happy couple won’t need to go look at any venues that are outside of the budget. They are also less likely to fall in love with a venue and then figure out that they can’t afford to have the wedding there.

The Guest List

Next, figure out exactly how many people are going to be invited to the wedding. Some venues require people to pay for a minimum number of guests, even if that many people don’t attend. This can really increase the costs involved, as typically one of the easiest ways to cut down on costs is to have a smaller guest list. Others have a maximum capacity, which may rule them out if the guest list for the big event is particularly large.

The Wedding Colors and Theme

Having wedding colors and/or a wedding theme helps pull together the wedding and make it have more of a cohesive style. However, some venues may be decorated in such a way that they won’t be suitable with the chosen wedding colors. Also, certain themes go better with certain types of locations. For example, Clevedon Hall ( would be a beautiful venue for a garden-theme wedding, but it might not be so suitable for a beach-themed wedding.

Services Offered

Some venues provide catering, music, linens, and even the officiant for the wedding, while others just offer the use of the location. An all-in-one venue can make the planning much simpler, as there are fewer decisions to make. But this is only helpful if people actually like and want all these services, which isn’t always the case. Other vendors that offer these services may do so at a lower cost, but not all venues allow people to use outside vendors.

Finding the right venue can take some time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end.